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  • Berkeley Democratic Club
  • The Daily Californian (article)
  • Oakland Magazine (article)
  • Carpenter's Union Local 713
  • International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Local 595

  • Elected Officials

  • Nancy Skinner State Senator

  • Lori Droste Berkeley City Councilmember
  • Susan Wengraf Berkeley City Councilmember

  • Darryl Moore Berkeley City Councilmember (ret)
  • Gordon Wozniak Berkeley City Councilmember (ret)
  • Jennifer West Mayor of Emeryville (ret)
  • Reuben Holober Mayor of Millbrae
  • Adrian Fine Palo Alto City Councilmember

  • Commissioners

  • Julie Sinai Chair of the Children, Youth & Recreation Commission; Former BUSD School Board Director
  • Alfred Twu Zero Waste Commission Chair
  • George Perezvelez Police Review Commissioner, former Chair
  • Stephen Murphy Former Planning Commission Chair
  • Jim Novosel Vice-Chair, Board of Library Trustees; Former Planning Commission Chair
  • Jenny Wenk Personnel Board Vice-Chair
  • Michael Goldhaber Chair, Community Environmental Advisory Commission
  • Liz Varnhagen Community Environmental Advisory Commissioner
  • Karolina Maslanka Community Environmental Advisory Commissioner
  • Kelly Jiang Energy Commissioner
  • Jay James Energy Commissioner
  • Victoria Q. Legg Disaster and Fire Safety Commissioner
  • Jill Martinucci Housing Advisory Commissioner
  • Kieron Slaughter Housing Advisory Commissioner
  • Diego Aguilar-Canabal Former Housing Advisory Commissioner
  • Tor Berg Former Housing Advisory Commissioner
  • Steven Donaldson Former Zoning Adjustments Board Member
  • Bob Dixon Personnel Board Member
  • James Reagan Director Emeritus Homeless Shelters, 25 years; Former Commissioner Human Welfare Commission
  • Adena Ishii Commissioner, Sugar Sweetened Beverage Product Panel of Experts

  • Student Leaders*

  • Will Morrow President, ASUC
  • André Luu External Affairs Vice President, ASUC
  • Frances McGinley Academic Affairs Vice President, ASUC
  • Alicia Lau Executive Vice President, ASUC

  • Kena Hazelwood-Carter President, Graduate Assembly
  • Jonathan Morris External Affairs Vice President, Graduate Assembly
  • Dax Vivid Campus Affairs Vice President, Graduate Assembly
  • Aaron Smyth Internal Vice President, Graduate Assembly
  • Andrew Schwartz Vice President of Finance, Graduate Assembly

  • Tyler Barnum Chair, Graduate Assembly Basic Needs Working Group
  • Wes Adrianson ASUC ECO Senator (ret)
  • Alek Klimek ASUC Chief Legal Officer (ret)

  • Community Leaders

  • Susie Medak Managing Director, Berkeley Rep Theater
  • Stephanie Allan Co-Chair, Berkeley Unified School District Citizen's Bond Oversight Committee
  • Barry Fike Former President, Berkeley Federation of Teachers
  • Karen Wells Co-Director, Berkeley High School Band and Orchestra
  • Dorothy Walker Community Activist
  • Markos Moulitsas Founder, Daily Kos
  • Adam Berman Urban Farmer
  • John Fike BUSD Educator

  • Environmental Leaders

  • Daniel M. Kammen Professor of Energy, UC Berkeley
  • Steve Weissman Professor of Public Policy, UC Berkeley
  • Dick White Professor Emeritus, UC Berkeley
  • Bob Epstein Business Entrepreneur, Environmental Activist
  • Alex Steffen Planetary Futurist
  • Iris Starr Strategic Advisor to the Director of Transportation, Oakland
  • Graham Chisholm Senior Policy Advisor, Conservation Strategy Group
  • Jenna Shakiban President of Engineers for a Sustainable World at Berkeley
  • Lara Gundel Environmental Chemist at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (LBNL)
  • Reshma Singh Program Director, Energy Technologies, LBNL
  • Tressa Mikel Biogas Project Leader, Engineers for a Sustainable World
  • Niklas Lollo PhD Student, Energy and Resources, UC Berkeley

  • Housing Advocates

  • East Bay Forward

  • Karen Chapple Professor of City Planning and Director, Urban Displacement Project
  • Eric Panzer Urban and Environmental Advocate
  • Sonja Trauss Founder of the SF Bay Area Renter's Federation
  • Libby Lee-Egan Co-Founder of East Bay Forward
  • Garret Christensen UC Berkeley Economist

  • Community Members

  • Lars Skjerping
  • Eric Friedman
  • Kori Anderson
  • Chris Lee-Egan
  • Christopher Hyun
  • Michael Eisen
  • Bernt Wahl
  • Anne Alcott
  • Kristin Hunziker
  • Beth Gerstein
  • Clay Shentrup
  • Bridget Cohen
  • Sara Abarbanel
  • Jess Goddard
  • Cassandra Bayer
  • Priya Pandey
  • Anna Bellomo
  • Pavel Velkovsky
  • Ivan Velkovsky
  • Teoman Tezcan
  • Amar Kshetrapal
  • David Trachtenberg
  • Julia Schnell
  • Isaac Rosenberg
  • Rahul Gupta
  • Peter Shelton
  • Maelig Morvan
  • Luis Stevens
  • Jacob Kimmel
  • Ali Albaaj
  • Theo Posselt
  • Berkeley Democratic Club logo

    State Senator Nancy Skinner State Senator Nancy Skinner

    Lori Droste and Ben Gould Councilmember Lori Droste and Ben Gould

    Susan Wengraf Councilmember Susan Wengraf

    Darryl Moore Former Councilmember Darryl Moore

    Gordon Wozniak Former Councilmember Gordon Wozniak

    Susie Medak Berkeley Rep Managing Director Susie Medak


    ASUC Execs ASUC EAVP André Luu, AAVP Frances McGinley, EVP Alicia Lau, and President Will Morrow

    Julie Sinai Former BUSD Board Member Julie Sinai

    Karen Chapple Professor Karen Chapple, Head of the UC Berkeley Urban Displacement Project

  • *All titles are for identification purposes only and do not imply official endorsement of any organization. The ASUC and GA do not support or oppose candidates for public office.
  • Left to right: Jonathan Morris (GA EAVP), Dax Vivid (GA CAVP), Ben Gould, Aaron Smyth (GA IVP), André Luu (ASUC EAVP)
Left to right: FrancesMcGinley (ASUC AAVP), André Luu (ASUC EAVP), Ben Gould, Will Morrow (ASUC President), Alicia Lau (ASUC EVP)


Lori Droste, Berkeley City Councilmember

"I’m excited to support Ben Gould because he is a young, progressive, grassroots candidate with policy expertise and a strong track record. Ben is just who we need to move Berkeley forward and inspire future generations of progressive leaders."

André Luu, ASUC EAVP

"Ben is bright, energetic, and intelligent. As a student leader, I am excited to have a City Councilmember who understands the student perspective, and I know Ben will do an excellent job representing all residents of District 4!"

Darryl Moore, Former Berkeley City Councilmember

"Ben understands that building strong coalitions is the cornerstone of enacting good policy. Ben’s evidence-based, consensus-driven approach will help Berkeley be not just a city of great ideas, but a city of action."

Susie Medak, Managing Director, Berkeley Rep

"Ben Gould represents a new generation of leadership in the City. With his professional background in engineering and policy analysis he will bring sound, reasoned thinking to Council deliberations. He is not ideological. He's just smart."

Stephanie Allan

"This City needs new leadership, but leadership that understands the complex relationship between housing, development, tax relief and community and is not beholden to a narrow view of that. Ben has those qualities along with a refreshing honesty and openness to the needs of all of not only District 4, but of the whole City. I've lived in District 4 since 1969 and I've not seen someone with Ben's qualities since Ann Chandler represented us in the City Council. I look forward to working with him."

Iris Starr, Strategic Advisor to the Director of Transportation, Oakland

"Ben brings an inclusive and welcoming vision to Berkeley. He is smart, principled, and forward-thinking. I believe he has the youth, energy, and passion that can help make the changes to our City we (old) progressives used to say we wanted. Ben can help us move closer to becoming a smart, vibrant and multicultural city; a city where housing and economic development of all types are shaped and supported, and equitable outcomes are the norm rather than the exception. And finally, Ben needs to be on City Council because he is committed to working in partnership with the leaders of our biggest economic asset: UC Berkeley. The time is now for young, progressive leadership. We need Ben Gould on City Council."

Michael Goldhaber, Chair, Community Environmental Advisory Commission

"Ben Gould is a brilliant political leader who is just the person Berkeley needs now. He is imaginative, analytical, and great at building coalitions. He will come up with workable solutions to increase affordable housing, to improve the environment, and to make Berkeley the best home for all its citizens."

Daniel Kammen, Professor of Energy

"I am delighted and proud to endorse Ben Gould. Ben has the local knowledge and international vision to make Berkeley a global leader in clean, pro-business and equitable city management."

Tressa Mikel

"Ben is an exceptional human being with limitless passion to serve his community and contribute to finding local solutions to global problems… He is a candidate that cares about the environment, people, and always has an open ear and willingness to help; I have no doubt he would make a positive and lasting impact on the city of Berkeley."

Cassandra Bayer

"His knowledge and passion for Berkeley, coupled with his sense of universal care for all residents, make me confident that he will be a fantastic leader. Ben has the experience and policy understanding necessary to make progress."

Dick White, Professor Emeritus

"I've worked with Ben Gould… and am impressed with his range of interests, intelligence, and ability to communicate with different types of people, and believe he could lead in solving many of Berkeley's problems."

Will Morrow, ASUC President

"Ben’s commitment to keeping Berkeley at the global forefront of leadership on sustainability and environmentalism is exciting, and I think he would serve the students of UC Berkeley excellently in Berkeley City Hall."

Jenna Shakiban

"I support Ben Gould… because I have seen his work ethic, motivation and unparalleled leadership skills in action."

Pavel Velkovsky

"We need someone who understands the concerns of students and has plans for smart growth. For me, Ben is that person".

Jess Goddard

"Ben is both a leader and a listener--he will represent people in Berkeley because he listens earnestly, and he will lead because he's driven and passionate about a uniquely Berkeley way forward on critical issues like housing and environment."

Left to right: Victoria Q. Legg, James Reagan, Ben Gould, Alfred Twu, Priya Pandey

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