Ben Gould

Ben Gould for Council

A new future for Berkeley

Hi - I'm Ben Gould.

I'm running for City Council because I love this city and care deeply about its future.

As a Berkeley native and longtime resident, I think we're heading in the wrong direction. I'm running for Council to put us back on track.

Berkeley is my home. I was born at Alta Bates, attended Berkeley High, and ultimately earned my master's degrees from UC Berkeley, where I studied public policy and environmental engineering.

I've worked as a legislative aide in Berkeley City Hall, served as Chair of the City's Environmental Commission, and I currently work as a Sustainability Analyst for the City & County of San Francisco.

As a Downtown resident, I see our city heading in the wrong direction.

We've seen rising crime, homelessness, and ever-increasing rents, while our City Council fails to effectively solve the problem.

Our own Councilmember gambles with public safety, leaving our fire department short-staffed and under-resourced. Despite spending millions on shelters, our homeless residents remain un-housed. And as my friends and neighbors get priced out, I see students and families struggling to find homes they can afford, all while a warming climate threatens our future.

We need a new future for Berkeley.

I'll fight for effective, long-term and regional solutions to ending homelessness. I'll work with our first responders to ensure a professional and fast response in case of emergency. I'll champion green and affordable homes for families and future generations. And I'll leverage my environmental expertise to lead the fight against climate change, expand transit and bicycle infrastructure, and create a truly welcoming and green Downtown for current and future generations to come.

I hope you'll join me.

— Ben


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