Effective management of Berkeley’s $430 million annual budget is critical for ensuring the City can provide adequate and effective services.

Right now, however, the City lacks resources for many programs, such as addressing pension liabilities, building affordable housing, providing homeless services and housing, addressing deferred infrastructure needs, and ensuring fiscal stability in event of an economic downturn.

Check out this budget visualization page to learn more about where the City's money comes from and how it's spent.

On Council, I will work to help move our city towards a more sustainable budget and spend our resources better to invest in the future

I will:

  • Ensure resources are allocated efficiently. Work with the City Manager and staff to identify opportunities to improve service without increasing costs, e.g. hiring mental health staff to respond to mental health emergencies, in place of police.
  • Continue to implement the plan to move towards the 16.7% minimum reserve level recommended by the City Auditor, with the long-term goal of reaching the recommended target of 30%.
  • Identify and invest in opportunities to improve the City’s fiscal efficiency. Invest in modernized technology to streamline City processes, like payroll processing.

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