Berkeley’s downtown is one-of-a-kind. Let’s keep it that way.

I live at the center of Downtown Berkeley, and I love my neighborhood. The new BART plaza is revitalizing and re-energizing the core of our Downtown. Our vibrant Arts District continues to thrive, with the UC Theater recently reopening its doors; restaurants old and new contribute to a burgeoning culture of food and nightlife; and fledgling startups and businesses attract new workers and visitors to Downtown every day.

Downtown Berkeley is the heart of our city and continues to enjoy a spectacular renaissance. With the second busiest BART station in the East Bay and UC Berkeley mere steps away, Downtown Berkeley is increasingly a hub of art, commerce, and innovation. But we can’t take this amazing progress for granted - we must continue the hard work of cultivating Downtown as a fully-realized neighborhood that is both exciting and welcoming for all.

Ben's Plan

Continue to support the revitalization that is occurring and the Downtown Area Plan.

Work with the City’s Economic Development Department to both attract new businesses and ensure that beloved, long-time businesses are able to stay in Downtown Berkeley.

Partner with merchants and local businesses to build on Downtown’s successes, manage our public spaces, and bring additional activities, culture, and public events to our downtown.

Collaborate to ensure Downtown’s extraordinary public buildings can be preserved and adaptively reused, including the Main Post Office and Old City Hall.

Expand public transit, biking, and pedestrian infrastructure to ensure vibrant and accessible public spaces.

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