Berkeley’s breathtaking parks and open spaces are the pride of our city, but many of these public resources have unfortunately fallen into disrepair.

Some of our most treasured spaces, like the Marina pier, the Rose Garden trellis, or Willard Pool, have been forced to close due to neglect and a lack of funding. At the same time, many elements of our vital public infrastructure are also failing. Berkeley’s streets recently received an “at risk” rating, indicating a prevalence of dangerous conditions. Dangling utility lines pose potential hazards in face of an earthquake. Uneven sidewalks present dangers to pedestrians and obstacles to access for those with mobility challenges.

Fortunately, with the recent passing of Measure T1, we have an opportunity to begin tackling many of these challenges. I want to build on that success by pursuing revenue and spending policies that ensure taxpayer money for reinvestment efforts are allocated in an effective, efficient, and equitable fashion.

Ben's Solutions

Partner with other City councilmembers and City staff to ensure that funding decisions account both for community input and cost-effectiveness.

Pursue new sources of revenue that provide consistent funds for ongoing, preventive maintenance for our parks and infrastructure.

Prioritize fixes to the city’s most critical public assets, such as ensuring earthquake shelters are retrofitted to withstand earthquakes.

Improve Berkeley's roads, improving safety and comfort for drivers, cyclists, and transit riders alike.

Work to ensure that funds are spent fairly and equitably across all areas of Berkeley.

Continue the work being done to underground utility lines, to minimize hazards and delays following a natural disaster.

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